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3 Steps To Sell your house Quick

three steps to sell your house quick
  • Stop repossession
  • Clear secured debt, raise cash, reduce costs
  • Quick Cash & Any condition anywhere
quick house sale
  • Contact DFB to complete a quick fact find
  • DFB will then contact the court and your lender to Stop Repossession
  • Free confidential advice
Stop Reposession

Quick House Sale

Turn your house into cash. No fees

We have cash available now for quick house sale anywhere in the UK.

Quick, safe and professional experienced company we will help you secure a fast hassle free property sale whatever your cirmcumstances. You will Benefit from selling house fast in todays market where house prices are still falling. No need to pay a local agent to market your property and spend months waiting for buyers. Start saving your mortgage payments and be debt free now; a quick sale can save you literally thousands of pounds. You will have no upfront fees or costs to pay if you choose our quick house sale We pay your legal fees too which saves you £'s too. By selling direct to Housing Solutions there are no worries about buyers pulling out or a long chain breaking down giving you peace of mind from the very first call.

Stop Repossession

Hundreds of homeowner have chosen us to stop repossession proceedings and to avoid eviction from their property.

Repossession occurs when a borrower has not paid monthly payments on a mortgage or secured loan and the lender acquires an eviction notice from the court. Unsecured debt can also be charged to a property in certain circumstances.

To successfully stop repossession you should act fast and contact us. Speak to your lender as well and let them know that you are considering a quick house sale. If sell to rent is appropriate for you we will deal with your mortgage lender and the court if necessary to postpone the repossession and allow time to sell the property. DFB have years of experience in this field with tremendous success.

  • Stop repossession
  • Raise cash
  • Assured tenancy
sell and rent back
  • Up to 100% of house value
  • Repossessions stopped any stage
  • Be in control of your sale
assisted Sale

Sell and Rent Back

DFB Housing Solutions were the first company to be given authorised provider status under the FSA full regulation of sell and rent back.

Also known as sell and rent back, this financial service allows homeowners to sell their home and rent it back from the buyer. Sell to rent clears all secured debt and may provide a cash lump sum as well. Hundreds of homeowners have achieved a fast house sale with DFB and now rent back their house for a minimum term of five years. As landlords, DFB are responsible for the property maintenance and the building insurance - meaning savings and less hassle than as a homeowner.

Hundreds of people have used sell and rent back to stop repossession and avoid eviction from their home. Many people also sell property to raise money for retirement, using sell to rent means homeowners can raise money without having to move home. Other reasons to sell house quickly include divorce, illness and redundancy, unsecured debts or relocation.

Assisted Sale

Do you need a guaranteed sale but want to maximise the value of your property?

Have you tried selling through a local agent?

Assisted Sales or Joint ventures as they are also known could be the answer for you, less than 50% of properties on the market actually sell! In todays market buyers are in control they are very demanding, because buyers have to find large deposits they cant afford to redecorate once in. Housing solutions have the solution to help you achieve a fast house sale but at a higher price than any other cash house buyer. We will pay to refurbish your house to a high standard using our in house tradesmen, pay your moving costs and mortgage for you, then agressively sell your propety on the open market. You could even recieve more than your house is worth now!!
See our Fast house sale free download for more information and Free House selling Tips.

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I was so fortunate I discovered Housing Solutions when I did - I only had 7 days to move out of my property which would have been auctioned off by the bank for less than I owed - instead they took all the anxiety off my shoulders and got the job done - thank you so much.

Dr A - London


Across the UK hundreds of financial advisors and debt advisors introduce clients to DFB Housing Solutions because they trust us to offer a dedicated and professional service to their clients.